Residential park homes are perfect if you’re a homeowner abroad or travel extensively but need a base in the UK to keep in touch with family and friends. Here is everything you need to know about these relaxed, friendly communities:

A new way of living

These new styled prefabricated buildings are a real alternative to bricks and mortar, being more affordable while providing a high-quality, well-designed home. As such, they offer real flexibility to suit any lifestyle.

Value for money

Residential park homes are more affordable than a traditional house, with lower costs, less that can go wrong and easy maintenance. Being very well insulated and easier to heat than a regular house, utility bills are kept to a minimum and homes are energy efficient.

Quality of life

Independence and leisure are very important to residents, so park home living comes with a great quality of life, with spacious surroundings and picturesque locations. Made up of like-minded people, they are self-policing communities that are friendly and welcoming, so you can build a great network of friends.

Family friendly

If your UK base is a residential park home, it’s a great place to meet up with family and friends. Guests are welcome to stay with residents, and they’ll love the community spirit and surroundings.

High security

Many residential parks are gated, meaning residents can be reassured that themselves and their properties are secure. While residents take an interest in their neighbours, they also respect each other’s privacy, meaning everyone feels safe.

Gateforth Park will feature a selected range of Prestige Homeseeker’s residential park homes. These aren’t just for retirement living; they are an ideal choice for people over 50 looking for a stress-free lifestyle. Contact us now for an information pack detailing the range on offer.