From derelict mushroom factory to ultra modern park homes…

Follow the story of Gateforth Park

Gateforth Farm – Mushroom Production.

Gateforth Park is built on the site of an old mushroom factory. These images from 1964 and the mid 80’s show the extent of the growing sheds. Even in the late 80’s, the fields in the background were used for crops – now we have a fantastic woodland and natural habitat for both wildlife and relaxation.

Site identified for development by York House Leisure.

After the factory closed in 2009 the site fell in to disrepair and over the following decade was the subject of vandalism and neglect. In 2018, the site was identified as a potential development and purchased by York House Leisure.

Summer 2019 – Site clearance begins.

By summer 2019, plans had been drawn up to turn the site in to Gateforth Park. The first job was to clear the site of the existing buildings.

Summer 2019 – Recycle & Reuse.

As a responsible developer, great importance was placed on sustainability, with c75,000 tons of concrete crushed and reused on site which equates to c7,500 lorry journeys.

Those lorries would have been making a 38 mile round trip to the quarry meaning a saving of 285,000 miles, which at 6mpg average, equates to 47,500 gallons of diesel – the equivalent of over 1 million lbs of CO2 saved! Scrap metal was also recovered and recycled and then Phase 1 was initiated.

Late 2019 – Laying out Phase 1.

With the site cleared, we turned our attention to the setting out of Phase 1. This involved the installation of the services, the concrete bases and roadways.

February/March 2020 – First show homes arrive.

The month of March saw a really transformation as the basecoat tarmac went down and the homes started to arrive on site. Turf was being laid and the planting and fencing had also begun.

Our native species planting programme has added 4512 hedge plants, 68 large trees, 1322 ornamental shrubs and 485 flowering plants. Combined with the mature trees already found on site, this has created a wonderful environment.

April/May 2020 – Visitors welcomed on site.

With 8 fantastic homes on site as well as our marketing suite, we were pleased to welcome our first visitors to site. Good weather enabled a swift progression with the planting and landscaping as the Park looked better by the day.

October 2020.

We have now been able to welcome home owners to Gateforth Park and a number of plots have been reserved. Both the homes and Park are looking a picture.

Summer / Autumn 2021.

The groundworks started on Phase 2 which will include the exclusive Lakeside which provides each park home with private access to the new fishing lake. The building of Phases 2 & 3 utilise a new access road which will minimise disruption for the existing residents. Access to the woodland, nature area and pedestrian access to Thorpe Willoughby will be maintained throughout the build process. 

Future Development.

Phase 2 will also include the building of the community hub with ornamental lake and shop, 15 acres of woodlands and open space for residents and the creation of another lake which again will broaden the natural habitation and encourage wildlife to thrive where once concrete covered the ground.

Watch our video of the transformation of Gateforth Park