With many park home models available at Gateforth Park, each with unique designs and features, you may be wondering where to start with choosing your perfect residential park home. 

This guide will help you to understand all the different possibilities – from square footage to room configuration – and to make important decisions about which park home is right for you.


Our residential park home models

The different models of residential park homes we have on offer at Gateforth Park have varying interior and exterior design styles, as well as possessing some unique features. For instance, the Sofia’s cathedral windows or Avanti’s architecturally-designed split-level roof. 

Gateforth Park’s models also offer different configurations of the main living area. The Majestic, Residence and Sofia park homes have a separate living room and kitchen-diner, while the Avanti park home features a larger kitchen-diner which contains a dining table and breakfast bar. The Sonata is unique in that the dining table is located in the living room, with an adjoining kitchen.

Larger homes like the Majestic park home can come with additional features such as a utility room and study, while all sizes of the Sonata home feature a walk-in wardrobe.


Choosing the size of your park home

There is no ‘typical’ size of home at Gateforth Park, but we are currently selling a lot of the larger homes at 50/52ft long. When considering which size residential park home to buy, it’s really about a balance between budget and the features you will use. Extras like a utility room can help to make your new residential park home feel more like the larger houses you may be used to if you are downsizing, and can bring some considerable benefits, such as not having a noisy washing machine running while you’re eating in the kitchen. 

However, if you’ve never had a utility room before and haven’t found it to be a problem, or if you’re retired and won’t have much use for a study, you may not consider them to be a priority in your new park home and may choose to save money instead.


How many bedrooms are available?

Residential park homes at Gateforth Park are configured with two bedrooms as standard. Many residents consider this to be ideal as it allows couples to have flexibility around whether they have separate bedrooms or share one, as well as being able to have guests to stay. 


However, some homes are available with just one bedroom if that suits your budget better. Alternatively, we can configure your park home to have three or four bedrooms – ideal for residents who like to have friends and family over to stay. However, if you struggle with mobility or want to downsize to a park home to cut down on housework, more bedrooms potentially means more cleaning!

Most of the residential park homes available at Gateforth can also be personalised upon request to maximise the available plot size, up to 55ft long and 22ft wide.

Visit us at Gateforth Park

The best way to really get a feel for the different residential park homes on offer at Gateforth Park is to come and have a look! Call us on 01757 616 646 to arrange a tour, or keep an eye on our website for our next Open Weekend.


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