What’s it like living in a park home?

There is now doubt, after a year like 2020, that life as we know it is changing.  We have all spent a lot of time at home and this has been an opportunity for us to assess our lives and how we want to live.  Many people have found a new love for walking and gardening, but the major shift has been towards a slower, simpler way of life.
Residential park homes like those on Gateforth Park offer over 50s an alternative lifestyle in the beautiful Vale of York, one of the best places to live in Yorkshire. There are many benefits to living in a park home, here are just a few:

Easy home maintenance

Many people want more time to do the things they love, and for many, DIY isn’t high on that list.  A park home is ready to move into, with minimal maintenance needed. This means you can spend less time maintaining things and more time on the things you love.

Tranquil settings

Many parks like Gateforth Park are set in stunning natural surroundings where you can enjoy serene walks and a more relaxed way of life.


As you become a little older, there is comfort in living within a community where you can feel secure – this is especially important if you live alone.  Park living provides secure accommodation which is often gated, giving you ultimate peace of mind.

Friendly community

Loneliness can be a real problem as you get older.  Park living provides you not only with a secure and comfortable home, but a supportive circle of friends who are all at the same stage of life as you.
Purpose built retirement villages are growing in popularity in the UK, and it’s not difficult to see why. Search online for ‘Gateforth Park’ to find your first park home and finish 2020 on a high.
If you interested in learning a little more about the law relating to park homes in the UK, see this handy factsheet.
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