If you have recently begun to work part-time or are about to start an early retirement, you may be looking forward to travelling abroad and embarking on numerous holiday adventures. Even if you plan to travel abroad frequently, it is important you have a solid home base in the UK. Though the lifestyle of a travelling nomad may sound appealing, you must consider the importance of having a home base in the UK…

Meeting place for family and friends

Even in the sea and sky are calling your name, you’ll naturally want to spend holidays and special occasions with your family. Some of your family and friends, for example, if they have small children, will be unable to meet you abroad so you should have a home base in the UK where they can easily travel and stay with you.

Store your possessions

Even if you live a minimalistic lifestyle, there are some possessions you’ll never want to part with. For example, a painting you have inherited from your parents or gifts from your grandchildren should be stored and displayed safely in your home base.

Why residential park homes are ideal for an individual or couple who like to travel

As all residential park homes are managed, they are ideal for couples or an individual who likes to frequently travel, as they can leave the country safe in the knowledge their home is being looked after.

Due to the high-quality of residential park homes, they are also incredibly easy to maintain. This means they can be left for long periods of time without deteriorating in quality.

If you are looking for residential park homes for sale in North Yorkshire, contact Gateforth Park today. We have brand new park homes for sale and can help you find your perfect UK home base.