Living in a gated community on a residential park can have a range of benefits, so it’s not surprising that more and more people in the UK are choosing to move into a park home.

Despite the common perception that residential parks are ‘retirement villages’, this is far from the case. Many, such as Gateforth Park, are open to anyone aged over 50, and offer a great alternative to bricks and mortar properties for those looking to downsize or who would like ease of maintenance, value for money and high spec accommodation.

Here we look at the particular advantages of living in a gated community.

Benefits of living on a gated residential park

  • Property security

A gated community is managed 24/7 and tends to have security measures in place such as gates and cameras. This gives you peace of mind that your property is safe and secure at all times, even when you go away on holiday.

  • Privacy

Your home and its surroundings are your personal domain, and a gated community offers extra privacy and safety from intruders.

  • No cold calling

Cold callers and other people who knock at your door uninvited have no chance of entering a gated community.

  • Personal safety

Gated communities not only offer extra security for your property but also create a space in which people can feel safe at any time of the day or night.

  • No traffic

Roads in a gated community are pretty much free of traffic, making them safer for both drivers and pedestrians – perfect for having grandchildren over to visit! And, with quieter roads comes a more peaceful and pleasant environment around homes and gardens.

  • Exclusivity

Living in a gated community can feel like a private retreat. It provides a sense of separation and exclusivity from the outside world, and can create a close-knit community of like-minded people.

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