Retirement can be the beginning of an amazing part of your life. If you stay mentally and physically active you can enjoy the best retirement, have fantastic adventures, make new friends and have a happy, fulfilling life.

Whether you live in a residential park home, like Gateforth Park, or somewhere else, here are some top tips on how to stay active and have the best retirement.

And at the end, you’ll find some thoughts about why we think North Yorkshire is the best place to enjoy your retirement.

Make an exercise plan

Exercise is a fantastic way to stay active and healthy during retirement. We all have different capabilities, but when putting together a plan, try to focus on activities that will increase your strength, flexibility and balance. These exercises don’t need to be strenuous or vigorous. Walking, swimming and cycling are all great ways to exercise. And if you can’t leave your residential park home, you can try simple exercises at home, such as knee lifts and heel raise.

Have a purpose

Volunteering is an uplifting and fulfilling activity that can do wonders for your wellbeing, and also put a smile on other people’s faces. Focus on volunteering opportunities that can utilise your key skills.

Get connected

After retiring, it can be easy to lose touch with friends and colleagues. Whilst it’s prudent to try and maintain those contacts, retirement also opens up the possibility of making lasting new contacts. Joining clubs or planning social activities are great ways to make new friends whilst staying physically and mentally active. If you live in a Gateforth Park residential park home, there are an abundance of options open to you, not least in our purpose-built community building, due for completion in Phase 2 of our development.

How to enjoy the best retirement in North Yorkshire

North Yorkshire is the perfect place to get out and about during retirement, offering something for all interests. From historic houses and ancient ruins to top racecourses and luxurious spas, not to mention the shopping havens, coastal retreats, stunning scenery and highly-acclaimed restaurants, the county’s attractions are endless.

For our homeowners at Gateforth Park, all of the destinations that are beloved in North Yorkshire are within easy access. For more details about the park’s location and the great transport links to the most popular destinations, click here.

There are also a variety of leisure opportunities in the immediate area around Gateforth Park. The most obvious of these is our private on-site fishing lakes and the superb Selby Golf Club right next door. For more information about the local area, the parish council website is a fantastic resource.

If you’re a keen walker, you’ll spend many a happy day exploring the various routes in the Vale of York. Of course, you could also travel further afield and visit the North York Moors and the Yorkshire Dales.

Gateforth Park is a brand new residential park home development in North Yorkshire. Our peaceful and friendly gated community will help you enjoy the best retirement. To find out more about our ultra-modern accommodation please visit us.