Tell us about yourself

We are Lynn and Trevor Simpson both aged 71, born and lived in Leeds until Gateforth Park beckoned. We retired from working around 10 years ago but owing to various commitments we have only recently fully retired. Prior to this Lynn was a teaching assistant and Trevor was an I.T. specialist.

When did you move to Gateforth Park?

We moved to Gateforth Park on 5th January 2023 and we have never looked back. We have at last found our happy place.

What model of park home do you have?

We have a Prestige Sonata 44 x 20. This is a 2 bedroom property with a surprisingly large living space – in fact it’s turned out to be quite a Tardis. We downsized as much as we could before moving here, yet we still had doubts everything would fit – but it does with space to spare.

Having been used to cooking electric for all our married life – 44 years this year – Lynn specified an electric oven and an induction hob. This combination is so clean to cook with it gives us even more time for ourselves.

Have you lived on a residential park before?

Before Gateforth Park we have always lived in traditional bricks and mortar houses, moving here from a very well specified three bedroom detached property in Leeds. We thought a lot about the pros and cons before committing to the move. In actual fact it was a no brainer in the end, making us more financially secure whilst removing the need to plan for major home maintenance in the years to come.

Why did you choose to move to a residential park?

We had been thinking of downsizing to a bungalow to help with Lynn’s mobility challenges, but bungalows haven’t been built for many, many years so would imply potentially expensive upgrades. The peace and security of a residential park, a brand new all inclusive home, along with the other residents all being there for a more laid back lifestyle sealed the deal.

How did you discover Gateforth Park and what was it about the site that appealed to you?

We had been to Lumby Garden Centre for lunch after which we decided to look for a farm shop in the area. We drove through Gateforth village, over a railway bridge then literally stumbled on Gateforth Park. After driving a hundred yards or so past the entrance to the site, we decided to reverse back and take a look. During the last few years we had been casually looking at residential parks but none were as well planned and spacious as Gateforth. In fact most had no security at all. Our eyes were opened wide to the possibilities, and the rest is now history.

Our first visit was 29th July 2022 at which time Alan and Helen gave us an overview and showed us the types of available homes. We returned the following day, when Alan showed us round some of the different homes, and then let us drive round the site to look more closely at the layout and potential pitches for a home should we decide to commit.

We returned on 1st August and met with Helen who was so helpful to allay a few issues we had thought of. We placed a deposit on our chosen pitch and this has turned out to be a great day in our lives.

How did you find the whole process?

This entire process was far easier than we had imagined, with Helen’s help throughout. We chose our Sonata for its layout and easy upkeep, along with a pitch with a manageable garden. Nothing was too much trouble for Helen, even our last minute specification changes. The most difficult aspect was dealing with solicitors. We managed to sell our house within a few weeks but the conveyancing process took longer than we expected. However the move day itself was a breeze, again thanks to Helen’s amazing hand over and help in the late afternoon/evening.

The team at Gateforth Park was, and still is, absolutely brilliant. We can’t say enough about their help and assistance with absolutely every aspect of the process, from initial viewing through to completion and on-park living. During the sales and completion process our primary contact was Helen, who is a complete expert in all aspects of park homes and park living. She shows a perfectly balanced approach to everything – friendly to make all the stages pleasant experiences, whilst showing complete professionalism throughout. She coordinated our entire buying and moving processes to perfection.

How are you settling in to your new home and to the park in general?

We were completely settled within two weeks, after unpacking and getting our bearings. At the time of writing we have been here for five weeks and we truly wish we could have moved here years ago. The difference between city life and Gateforth Park life is stunning. We have not missed our last house and the area we lived in at all. We love the fresh air, the fact that we are close to the historic town of Selby yet we live in open countryside. We love the fact that EVERYONE here is so friendly and approachable – residents, management and all the guys who are developing the site. All the residents are here for the same reasons, to live a tranquil secure life with like-minded souls. Well done everyone at Gateforth Park, you’ve got it right working so hard for this community.

What do you like about living in your park home?

We love our spacious accommodation, on a single level. The Sonata is so energy efficient so far during January and February that we use the heating for a total of only two or three hours each day. The amount of light coming through our lounge and dining room windows is amazing, with open views. We see green fields, a whole variety of birds along with stunning sunrises and sunsets. We could never have dreamt this up, it is our ideal home.

What do you like about living on a residential park?

We have found that residential park life is truly relaxed. All the residents are friendly and approachable, no matter what their previous background or status in life. Those with pet dogs take good care of their animals and we are yet to hear a bark. We live in a safe, relaxed and mutually respectful community environment along with other like-minded people.

Gateforth Park itself is brilliant. It is a gated, secure site – so secure in fact that we’ve made huge savings on car insurance! It is a relatively large site but the homes are well spaced with plenty of open spaces, and it is completely flat. It is also well paved so exercise, walking and general exploring is comfortable. This well maintained residential park offers a variety of contrasting scenery, with stunning sunrises and sunsets, along with a wider variety of wildlife than we expected. Most mornings we wake to see a family of grouse ambling along browsing for breakfast. The park managers Carol and Paul are a lovely approachable couple who can help with anything and everything.

How about the location? Do you have any favourite places to visit?

The location is excellent, with many villages in the area and the historic market town of Selby. There is ample shopping with a wide selection of supermarkets, along with more specialised outlets especially bakeries #justsaying. There is also a good selection of pubs and eateries in the area. Travel-wise, Gateforth Park is close to trunk routes and motorways which we’ve found to our benefit when driving to/from Oxford to visit our granddaughter.

Gateforth Park is perfectly situated for all local amenities yet is in the countryside close to many walking routes and nature trails. We haven’t been here long enough to recommend a perfect location, though we have visited Selby Abbey more than once so far. It is such an old nostalgic place, steeped in history. Speaking of history, this entire area has links back to the Romans, with “straight road” routes to Leeds, York and Lincoln.

How are you finding the Gateforth Park community?

We have found the park community to be very friendly and helpful with advice for us novices. It is refreshing to be living amongst such lovely people, rather than in the relatively stressful competitive neighbours we left behind.

Is there anything about the ongoing development at the site that you are looking forward to?

We are very much looking forward to the new Community Centre being opened in March. This will be the perfect meeting place to get to know one another better and take part in organised events. We are also looking forward to the shuttle bus service starting soon, to be able to get out and about without needing to drive.

What would you say to people considering moving to a residential park?

To anyone who is considering moving to a residential park we would say, without hesitation, do it now to enjoy as many years as you can. We are so happy here we can’t put the feelings into words, yet we have only lived here for a few weeks. Compared to a number of parks we have looked at, Gateforth Park is way beyond anything else we have seen. Right now you have a wide choice of size and layout of your home, along with a very wide selection of pitch locations on the park. The residents and the management team are brilliant. Do it now, don’t risk disappointment.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

From our own perspective having moved from a relatively big city, we would advise considering your lifestyle going forwards.

Your current property has value which you might want to hang onto for your family to benefit from in the future, though it will cost you to keep up with maintenance and renovations. If the area you live in is rough in parts and the crime rate is increasing, your security and that of your possessions could be at risk as you grow older. If you live in an area away from countryside your outlook won’t improve any time soon, and your local air quality will likely be poor.

Put yourselves first and make the jump to Gateforth Park. Take some value out of your current property now, for yourselves. Your family will still benefit well when that time comes. You will then enjoy relaxed, secure living alongside like-minded people, in a countryside environment whilst always being close to all the amenities you’ll ever need.