Tell us about yourself.

We are Les and Elaine. We moved from a village outside Leicester near Market Bosworth to buy our forever together home at Gateforth Park.

How did you discover Gateforth Park and what first attracted you to it?

After living in Mallorca, we moved back to the UK in the early 2000s to care for Les’s mum and dad.  When we lost Les’s mum in November 2020, we were left with decisions as to where we wanted to live as we had no ties to keep us where we were.

Elaine started to look at several areas in Cheshire, Shropshire and Spain but not at park home living as she felt she needed the security of bricks and mortar. Les, meanwhile, was also doing his homework and pointed out Gateforth Park to Elaine in May last year. We had fallen in love with the area on a previous visit to Elaine’s cousin, but Elaine still took some convincing to look around Gateforth Park.

What were your initial impressions of the site and the homes / gardens?

We had an appointment to see properties on site at Gateforth. On arrival and driving through the gates, we immediately felt it was the place we could see us living in. The site is immaculate and very well cared for.

Alan gave us an initial introduction to park home living and showed us several show properties.  We were stunned at the quality and spacious accommodation on offer. We viewed the Plantation show home and fell in love with the open plan living.

We also met some of the residents who were so happy and that was so comforting to us.

How did you find the whole process and how helpful / knowledgeable were the Gateforth Park team?

We would both like to thank each and everyone involved with the smooth process of what could have been a totally different situation without the caring staff.

Alan was so professional and truthful and not pushy at all. During our first visit, we bombarded him with questions and each question was answered with complete faith in what he was selling. We both felt so comfortable with what we had been shown.

We had planned to stay in the area overnight. When we left Gateforth we visited Selby and the surrounding areas, before returning to Gateforth to see it at night. What an impressive sight. It was all very secure with the gates closed. The area was lit up and looked amazing and welcoming.

After a long night discussing what we were going to do and how we felt about securing the Plantation show home, we made the decision to return to the site the next day. We met up with Alan once again who talked us through the purchase. We both had no hesitation and paid our deposit to secure the property. We felt there was no pressure on us to sell our house and that Gateforth Park would hold the property for us until ours had sold, obviously within reason which we fully understood.

On returning home we had lots more questions. Dawn called us and was so delighted for us. She made us feel at ease straight away.  Dawn has been amazing from start to finish. We found her very knowledgeable and we never felt as though we were pestering her. She always returned our calls promptly.

What do you like about living on a residential park and how are you settling in?

We love our new home and have found the community fantastic. Everyone is here for the same reason. We feel as though the people have been handpicked as we all get on so well. It’s so comforting to feel so secure in your home and we truly do. We love it and would recommend Gateforth Park to anyone who is considering a move to park living.

We have now been in our home for three months. We cannot thank the park management team and assigned contractors enough as with any new property there will be minor issues and these have all been resolved quickly and professionally. Nothing appears too much trouble. It’s a true pleasure to be part of such a caring, well-established organisation.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

We’d like to credit the owners for the way they have established such a desirable place to live. Thank you all.

To find out more about living on a residential park, or to arrange a viewing at Gateforth Park, please see our FAQs page here or call Dawn or Alan on 01757 616 646.