Recent global events have provided an important reminder that life is precious, and we should grab opportunities to do the things we enjoy.

For the over 50s, that becomes more of a reality if you have spare cash to spend on holidays to make magical memories. You can even start ticking off bucket list adventures!

What’s stopping you?

One of the things that could limit your travels, hobbies and interests, is having a large property with equally large running costs.

This is often the case with older couples whose children have left home, and who have considerable capital tied up in bricks and mortar.

What happens next, and how can you release equity in your home to start making the most of your leisure and holiday time?

For increasing numbers of people in their 50s and 60s, the answer is a relatively new form of housing that cuts bills and frees up time: residential park homes and lodges.

So, for instance, anyone looking for the best place to live in Yorkshire, to relocate to the beautiful county or ‘downsize’, could explore this lifestyle choice.

How do the best retirement villages in the UK free up your time?

It’s important to emphasize that residential park homes Yorkshire-wide and beyond are not just for those who have already retired! They are also a great option for people in their 50s who are still working.

These are a highly affordable home choice. They are also energy efficient, freeing up even more cash to splash!

How does “park life” create more time for you to spend that money?

It’s simple. These ultra-modern, cleverly designed and well-constructed properties are easy to maintain. Also, you will have a lovely plot around your residential park home to stamp your identity on, but not vast gardens to keep on top of.

You can grow old gracefully – with a life filled with adventures – in a property ideal for your senior years.

Where do you see yourself next year?

So, what are you waiting for? To make your long-held dreams and plans come true, put roots down in a purpose-built home for over 50s living, then the world is your oyster!