Do you travel extensively? Or do you live abroad but are looking for a bolthole in the UK? Our residential park homes in Yorkshire offer modern, low maintenance, energy-efficient lifestyle in the most spectacular and exciting county in the UK.

Park home living appeals to a wide variety of people. However, it’s very different to buying a bricks-and-mortar property. Still, if you like the thought of a whole new way of living, our residential park homes could be the answer. Here’s what you may need to consider when buying your new home.

How does park homeownership work?

Our residential lodges for sale in Yorkshire offer a unique form of homeownership. You’ll own your home, but not the lot it stands on. Instead, you’ll rent your pitch from us and pay fees for its use. It’s worth noting that you’ll need to consider these fees in your ongoing costs.

Whether you’re looking to retire and step back from a city lifestyle or downsize to something more manageable, park home living could give you the flexibility you need. Our park homes are affordable, easy to maintain, and finished to a high specification, making them ideal for retirees and frequent travellers alike. Plus, you’ll be at the heart of a safe and secure community of like-minded people.

Should I buy new or pre-owned?

Buying a brand new home is obviously more expensive than buying pre-owned, but there are considerable advantages. For example, new homes are built to the latest specifications and standards, so this is an intelligent choice if you’re looking for ultra-modern, energy-efficient living.

However, if you’re looking for the benefits of park home living on a budget, then there are some good bargains around when you buy a pre-owned home. First, do your research and talk to the owner about running costs and maintenance. You may also wish to have your new home surveyed by a specialist surveyor.

Can I live in my park home all year round?

Are you looking to enjoy an active retirement in one of the best retirement villages in the UK? Gateforth Park is a “protected site,” which means we’re fully residential. So you can enjoy glorious lakeside living 365 days a year. Therefore, make sure you buy a residential home — not a holiday home — if you intend to live in it year-round.

How easy is buying a park home?

Unlike buying a traditional property, you won’t be able to get a mortgage to finance your purchase. However, there are specialist finance companies that can arrange a loan. At Gateforth Park, we offer potential residents a range of buying options to suit their needs.

Buying a park home is straightforward, and you probably won’t need a solicitor. However, buying a home is always a significant undertaking, so using a solicitor can give you peace of mind. Try the Law Society to find specialists in park home purchasing.

Park home developments that have residential permission and are protected sites should always be able to furnish you with The Written Statement of The Mobile Homes Act, it’s worth asking the question when looking

What’s the location like?

We all know that location is a significant consideration when choosing a new home, and Gateforth Park doesn’t disappoint. Our park homes offer everything you need right on your doorstep — from incredible coastlines and stunning scenery to dynamic cities and international airports.

It’s essential to find out what’s within easy reach of your park home. If you enjoy shopping, sport and culture, then our residential lodges for sale in Yorkshire will cater for all your needs. And Selby Golf Course is right next door!

Park home retirement living in Yorkshire

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