Residential park home living is an increasingly popular option for retired and mature people in the UK. In this blog, we’ll be looking at what’s involved with residential park home living, assessing the benefits and asking the all-important question – can you live in a residential park home all year round?

What is a residential park home?

In most cases, a residential park home is a single storey, prefabricated residence, located on a a privately owned park, where a pitch fee is paid for the right to occupy the land . Whilst residential park homes can resemble caravan park homes, they have a higher build standard in terms of the overall structure, durability and energy efficiency, with all homes complying with the British Standard BS3632.

Because residential park homes have to comply with these robust modern building standards, they are designed to last. .

When you purchase a residential park home, you are buying the property only and not the ground upon which it is located. Unlike traditional properties, you cannot take out a mortgage on a residential park home, so you will either need to purchase it outright or look at financing plans.

Can you live in a residential park home all year round?

This is another big difference between caravan sites and most residential park homes. Whilst caravan sites typically close for 2-3 months in the winter, residential park homes are open all year. This is because of a difference in the licensing of the park.

Gateforth Park has a full residential licence, meaning that our properties can be used as permanent residences, with all owners signing the Written Statement of the Mobile Homes Act 1983. Making them ideal for people who want to move into park homes full time.

Why live in a residential park home

There are many major benefits to residential park home living, including:

Security – Gated communities such as Gateforth Park are safe, guarded and secure, thus offering excellent peace of mind for residents.

Maintenance – Or rather the lack of it! Gateforth Park homes are well insulated and much easier to heat than a standard home. And as they are smaller than most standard homes, they are far easier to clean and maintain. Plus, if you’re going on holiday, just let the management team know and they can keep an eye on things in your absence.

Value for money – Residential park homes are generally cheaper than regular bricks and mortar properties of a similar size. Utility bills can also be cheaper.

Lifestyle – Many residential park homes offer fantastic views, perfect for relaxation and tranquillity. It all makes for a great change from the hustle and bustle of urban living.

Accessibility – If your mobility is a concern, then residential park homes are an ideal solution. All of the residential properties at Gateforth Park are single storey and easily accessible, making them suitable for residents with restricted mobility.


Gateforth Park is a brand new residential park homes development in North Yorkshire. Our residential park homes can be occupied all year round and are built to a high specification. To find out more about our ultra-modern accommodation please visit our website.